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2009-013 Ferroelectric Diode and Photovoltaic Devices


Project Title2009-013 Ferroelectric Diode and Photovoltaic Devices
Track Code2009-013
Short DescriptionNone

This invention is related to diode and photovoltaic effects in conducting ferroelectrics and pyroelectrics. The diode and photovoltaic devices comprised a singlecrystalline ferroelectric or pyroelectric with remnant electric polarization sandwiched with transparent (or semitransparent) electrodes. Generally, ferroelectrics and pyroelectrics are highly insulating. In fact, any conduction (i.e. loss term) in ferroelectrics and pyroelectrics is considered detrimental for most of technological applications of ferroelectrics and pyroelectrics. However, we have recently discovered that the conduction in ferroelectrics and pyroelectrics can be associated with new fascinating phenomena – rectification of electric transport current and visible-light-range photovoltaic effects. The rectification direction and also the direction of photovoltaic current is directly related with the direction of electric polarization of ferroelectrics and pyroelectrics. Moreover, the phenomenon of a significant electric conduction with illumination can be utilized for applications with combined photovoltaic and diode effects; for example, light sensor (photo-diode), optical non-volatile memory and optical MEMS (micro-electro-mechanicalsystem) applications.

Posted DateJul 30, 2010 3:50 PM

Market Applications

Optical sensors, memory devices and solar cells applications with increased power conversion efficiency and thereby better solar energy harvest. A good fraction of modern microelectronic devices are based on the rectification effect of p-n junctions, so our new ferroelectric rectification effect can be utilized to create completely new electronic devices.


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