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FiA "Face-in-Action" Dataset


Project TitleFiA "Face-in-Action" Dataset
Track Code2011-031
Short DescriptionNone
Tagsface in action, cmu, multi-pie
Posted DateNov 3, 2010 2:18 PM

What is the Face in Action database?

The CMU FIA database, with imaging variations such as pose, illumination, expression, aging, and etc. is beneficial to the task of recognizing human faces. The database is especially helpful in relation to pose and face gesture variation, which is most difficult to model.

This database consists of 20-second videos of face data from 180 participants mimicking a passport checking scenario. The data is captured by six synchronized cameras from three different angles, with an 8-mm and 4-mm focal-length for each of these angles. The image collection was performed in both a controlled, indoor environment and an open, outdoor environment for each participant. The data collection was taken in three sessions over a period of ten months, with a goal of a three month separation between sessions for each participant.

Given the types of image variation, the following uses are suggested for CMU FIA:

  • Video-based face recognition
  • Pose invariant face recognition
  • Three-dimensional face reconstruction from multiple views or from a video sequence
  • Face recognition with respect to image resolution
  • Outdoor illumination invariant face recognition
  • Face recognition over periods of time
  • Face and facial gesture modeling and analysis


The Face-in-Action database is available via a license from Carnegie Mellon University for internal research purposes. The size of the database (257 GB) requires that it be shipped on a dedicated hard drive. The total cost to license the database includes fees charged by a third party vendor to provide the hard drive containing the database. (Note: The database is too large to download. A USB-attached hard drive that contains the database will be delivered to your 'Shipping Address'.)

Note that you may alternatively license the Face-in-Action dataset with the Multi-PIE dataset for a combined price.  Both datasets would be shipped on the same hard drive.

Payment by credit card can be made after agreeing to the FiA database license agreement. Your order will be shipped within one week of payment confirmed by your credit card. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

Contact Information

Questions? Email David Graham

Additional Information

The database is contained on a USB-attached hard drive that is delivered to your 'Shipping Address'. Shipping expenses are included in the prices listed below.

Additional information is available here.

More information on the Multi-PIE database can be found here.


Name Price
FiA "Face-in-Action" Dataset (US Delivery, Academic/US Government Use) 250.00 USD Buy
FiA "Face-in-Action" Dataset (International Delivery, Academic/Government Use) 350.00 USD Buy
FiA "Face-in-Action" Dataset (Worldwide Delivery, Commercial Use) 1,000.00 USD Buy
FiA & Multi-PIE Combined Database (US Delivery, Academic/US Government Use) 500.00 USD Buy
FiA & Multi-PIE Combined Database (International Delivery, Academic/Government Use) 600.00 USD Buy
FiA & Multi-PIE Combined Database (Worldwide Delivery, Commercial Use) 1,250.00 USD Buy