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Sensor-based Assessment of Cognitive Load


Project TitleSensor-based Assessment of Cognitive Load
Track Code2010-076
Short Description
Tagshuman-computer interaction
Posted DateJan 10, 2011 1:40 PM

How does this sensor based assessment of cognitive load work?

There are lots of situations where it's important to understand how much cognitive load a user is under before engaging with them (e.g., driving a car, crossing the street, attending to important information), including situations of divided attention and multi-tasking.

We have developed a technique for distinguishing when a user has high or low cognitive load, using physiological measures. Our work is different from that in the past, being able to make this distinction for a class of tasks that match the situations above. Our technique can distinguish between low and high levels of cognitive load across a range of individuals with an accuracy of 80%, using only 2 easy-to-acquire physiological signals.

Contact Information

Please contact Tara Branstad if you have questions about technology: