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Guidelines for Use of the Flintbox Trademark and Logos

Flintbox is a registered trademark of Wellspring Worldwide, LLC. We welcome use of the Flintbox Trademark and logos to drive traffic to your available technologies or promote your participation in or as a Flintbox Group. If you have any questions about using these marks or would like us to review a sample please contact

  1. Capitalize “F” when referring to Flintbox in text. Flintbox logos are designed with a lowercase “f” in the mark, however, a capital “F” should be used when mentioning Flintbox in text.
  2. Note the Trademark. If using the word Flintbox in text, you must either:
    • Add: “Flintbox is a registered trademark of Wellspring Worldwide, LLC.” in the footer of the webpage or communication where the usage appears. Or,
    • Use the ® symbol following the usage. (Example: “Flintbox ®”)
  3. Logo files may not be modified. Unless agreed to by Wellspring Worldwide in writing (which may be via email), the Flintbox logo may not be modified or combined with any other design feature including, but not limited to, other logos, graphics, slogans, tag lines or symbols. If you have a sample that you would like us to review feel free to contact
  4. No Endorsement. Use of the Flintbox Trademark and logo must be truthful and not disparaging to Flintbox or Wellspring Worldwide or its products and may not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association.

Web-ready Logos

Please use the links below to post the Flintbox logo on your website.

Download Flintbox Logo
Download Powered by Flintbox Logo

Integrate your Flintbox Projects with your Website (Private Label)

Flintbox can be integrated with your website to provide your site visitors with up to the minute access to your available technologies along with all of the search capabilities of Flintbox. Once we create your Flintbox Private Label you will simply create a link to it on your existing website. Most organizations replace their “Available Technologies” or “Licensing Opportunities” pages with their Flintbox Private Label site.

The Flintbox API

The Flintbox Application Programming Interface (API) provides a web services interface for automating the import of Projects into Using our web services API, you can distribute new materials and software faster than ever!

For more information, see About The Flintbox API.