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Device for Manufacturing Intravascular Probes


Project TitleDevice for Manufacturing Intravascular Probes
Track Code28933
Short Description

Within the realm of rotated endoscopic imaging probes, it is essential to ensure that probe sub-assemblies are precisely and reproducibly joined together to insure even circular rotation. Currently, imaging probe sub-components are bonded together using imprecise, toxic and expensive methods such as lead based soldering and laser welding. There exists a manufacturing need to precisely and reproducibly join miniature imaging probe subassemblies in a low-cost and efficient manner.

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, have developed a precise, operationally simple and low cost means of press-fitting imaging probe sub-components together. The developed technology accurately joins two cylindrical imaging probe sub-assemblies to insure bond symmetry and downstream even circular rotation. By utilizing such a press fitting method, endoscopic rotational imaging probes will be subjected to less non-uniform rotational distortion and improve the probe’s imaging capability.


A means of precisely positioning and joining two cylindrical bodies used in the construction of side-viewing rotational endoscopic imaging probes.

Tagsdevices, position sensors, process control, other
Posted DateOct 11, 2017 11:45 AM


-Rapid bonding process requiring approximately 40 seconds

-A readily biocompatible process that does not involve the use of abrasive or toxic chemical

-Low-cost with respect to other expensive high power laser welding methods

Potential Applications

  • Precise press fit joining of two miniature concentric cylindrical geometries
  • Manufacturing of miniature side viewing rotational probes used for intravascular ultrasound, optical coherence tomography, or fluorescence imaging.

Additional Information

State Of Development

Computer simulation of device feasibility has been completed and a prototype has been manufactured. The prototype has been used to test the device’s capability of bonding two endoscopic imaging probe components together. The inventors plan on developing a manufacturing plan to lower costs of device fabrication as well as identify other applications for utilizing this precision, cylindrical press-fitting manufacturing device/method.

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